Crash By Lisa McMann



3.5 out of 5 stars


Crash (visions book one) a fast paced read about Jules, a pizzeria wench at the local family business.  Not only does she have to drive around her parent’s family food truck with two giant balls on the top (meatballs that is), but she is beginning to have visions of a crash (hence the title I assume).  With a family history rich in mental illness she fears that she is turning into her depressed, hoarding father.  Worse yet, her grandfather who committed suicide when she a young girl.  These issues tend to be deeper and more painful that what she delved into in the story, but I am glad that she discussed it.  It is something that does happen in families, and this is something young adults face today.  Her family is not living in small town, best-pizza-in-town bliss, oh no, they live in the shadows of the bright Angotti’s Trattoria.  Not only is Angotti’s Trattoria more popular with the locals, it is where Jules’ love, Sawyer lives and works.  Jules and Sawyer’s families are long time rivals and forbid their children from having any form of communication with each other.  Forbidden love? uh yeah, that is how teenage pregnancy happens.  Watch teen mom….just sayin’.  Of course, Jules discovers that her visions are of Angotti’s Trattoria being plowed into by a snow plow and thus blowing up, with bodies bags out in the snow.  Of course Jules cannot not let this lust of her life die.  This story is predictable but I don’t mind predictable. I really enjoy that Lisa McMann created a strong female character this is obviously embarassed by coming clean to Sawyer about her visions and the awkwardness that follows.  Jules isn’t some character that stumbles around because she can’t keep her balance.  Of course Jules saves the day and Sawyer professes is undying love for her.  I can’t wait to read  book two!  This is the first of Lisa McMann’s novels I have read, and I cannot wait for more.


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